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Lets make it personal: Why I changed to clean beauty.

I’ve always been interested in makeup and skincare. I’ve always been passionate about helping others whether it was a duty to my country (US Air Force), volunteering or through graphic design where I’m able to communicate information visually to make it easier for people to understand.

It was not till this past January when my Dad was hospitalized that I realized how short life really is. That it can be taken from you in the quick of a snap. When your organs, shut down—there is no stopping it. Observing how his health is and knowing that diabetes is a high risk in my family—health plays a huge factor to determine my fate and is a huge motivator to use better and safer products.

When you go through a difficult situation, there is no time for work. No work=no income. Costs of medical insurance are at an ultimate high especially if you are hospitalized for a long period. It was about a month until my Dad was transferred to a rehab facility and coverage costs for that depended on your medical insurance. On top of that, the transition from rehab to home life also cost even more. Insurance covers only a certain x amount.

My passion of helping people and observing the financial struggles that families can go through especially when your older has inspired me to pursue a business with Beautycounter, become a Clean Beauty Brand Ambassador (Clean Beauty Con & Cln and Drty) and Influencer. The value of advocating to make Beauty better and healthier and being able to have financial stability to cover costs for your future is what I want. I do not want to have to stress about what I use or how much money I don’t have when I need it. Although death can be a negative motivator, for me—it motivates me to be better to pursue a brighter and healthier future.

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