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LeiFemme Clean Beauty

I advocate for beauty products that are consciously chosen. Better ingredients that exclude all the toxic ingredients such as phthalates, parabens, fragrance, and phenoxyethanol just to name a few. I am passionate about brands/companies where the founder is a warrior who is truly passionate about bringing the best ingredients there is. Transparency, passion, resources, and process are highly important especially when it comes to packaging and making the world a better place.

More than just beauty
-it's a lifestyle.

I work with small independent brands whose passion and drive motivate and inspire me to help amplify the message of their brand.

Earth Harbor, Pretty Farm Girl, Sand Cloud, CLN&DRTY, Red Pantz Company, Mamas Medicinals,  Fabletics, SIMPURE, MASAMI, Juice Beauty, Green Bee Botanicals, OSEA,  Innersense, HEARMERAW, Melixir, Voodoo Makeup, Leahlani, Good Clean Love, Olita, EllaOla, Buffalo Gal Organics, Lamik

Organic Skincare Products

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Clean Beauty Advocate Background

I bring awareness of better ways to find products that have better ingredients. I am an active member of the clean beauty community and have worked with high quality brands who continue to be transparent and conscious of the ingredients they put into their products.  I hone on supporting local small businesses whose founders are the most inspirational and motivational people I have ever met.


Clean Beauty Awards Judge
Face Oil 

Currently on my journey as I judge face oils for the Clean Beauty Awards 2024.


Clean Beauty Awards Judge
Face Oil Cleansers

It was amazing to be part of the 2023 judging panel along with other clean beauty advocates.  I created content about my journey as a judge, reviewing and trying the clean beauty products. I was announcer for the Makeup category winners.

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Clean Beauty
Co-Founder 2+ years

Worked closely with Cassandra McClure for about 2+ years. Social media, brand outreach, graphic design, managed ambassador program, email marketing, assisted in coordinating events, managed interns


Beauty Counter Advocate

For a couple of years, I was an advocate for Beautycounter.  This was the very beginning of my clean beauty journey where I learned so much about clean beauty, toxic ingredients and etc.  

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Conscious Beauty Collective

I worked with conscious beauty brands for this San Francisco pop-up. I helped customers learn about the wellness of using products with better ingredients. I also created content, manage social media and help with as well as interviewing the founders.

Need some content creation? Check out my former work from Clean Beauty Kit, where I was the social media manager from the years 2020-2022


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